What is Best Method to Revert to Last SD6 Production Release?

I am happy to help test the SD6 Betas.
However, if I encounter an issue with the Beta that prevents my normal, production workflows, I need to revert to the last SD6 Production Release.

What is the best method to do this?

I use DMG archives. I place SD builds in a DMG archive, and then mount the one I need. I then have my “current” build in my Applications folder. This ensures that double-clicks in the Finder use the running or current build and it also ensures that launch services gets less confused.

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I keep all my SD downloads, I think there was one time I had to revert to a previous build due to a bug and another time when I did to see if a previous build had the same issue.

In both cases I just opened the DMG, dragged the SD icon to the applications folder and it worked.

However, some of the beta-testing builds expire and if you try to launch one that’s expiring it won’t work.

OK, that sounds good, but I need a bit more info please.

I know what a DMG is (use them all the time to install apps), but I’m not sure what a “DMG Archive” is. Is it different than the DMG file we download from your web site?

Are you saying that you keep the current production build as a normal app in the Applications folder, and then mount the DMG Archive when you want to test another version of SD?

Please give me (and others) all the details. This is too important to screw up. :wink:


I didn’t speak precisely enough. These terms all refer to the same thing: a DMG disk image file containing one or more files/folders. I use DropDMG to create them as I can never remember the command line magic.

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OK, so just so I understand, you are just installing the Beta as a new version of the SD app, which, of course, replaces it. Then, to revert (my original question), just install the production version from its DMG.

Yes, you can do it that way, or you can just run various versions of SD from their installation DMGs (and ignore/cancel the panel that offers to install SD when you quit).

OK, thanks. That was the clarity I was looking for.
That seems like the best method to me.

  • It always leaves the current production release in place – so there is nothing to revert.
  • Open DMG as normal, just don’t drag the SD app to the Applications folder
  • It seems to use all of the normal SD app defaults/settings/etc

I’ve happily used DropDMG since it came out and evangelize it as much as possible, but there’s no need to use it or the command-line — Apple’s Disk_Utility.app has been able to create disk image files forever.