What is a "standard document"

Mark or Shane,

I have a question about Debug documents. The docs say if I save a debug document it becomes a “standard document” except it will open in debug mode. I am not sure what is meant by a “standard document”. It sounds like this is a document that be a: compiled script, text script or a script with a bundle, that has some kind of flag stored in it to indicate if it should open in debug mode, or non debug mode when it is opened. Is this correct? I just want to be sure of this term if I see it in other documentation.

This question is in response to Mark’s post called “SD8: Where Did It Go?” in the “Debug documents” section.

Bill Kopp

Yes. That wasn’t the case in Script Debugger 7 and earlier.

I’ll just expand on Shane’s response a little.

When saving scripts with debugging enabled, all previous versions of Script Debugger saved the document using Script Debugger’s own “scripting system” (aka OSA component). This had the advantage that when the script was loaded and executed form other applications, Script Debugger could debug the script within the that application. We called this “external debugging”.

Unfortunately, security changes in Mojave and later rendered this facility unworkable. Hence, we’ve dropped this capability. Now, when saving a script with debugging enabled, we save the non-debug version of the script in the document and a flag indicating that debugging is enabled. You may notice a delay the first time a debug document runs as Script Debugger recompiles the document to enable debugging.

This new approach has the advantage that all documents Script Debugger saves are “standard”, and are fully compatible with all other OSA client applications (Script Editor, etc.). No longer must people remember to disable debugging when deploying scripts.