What causes Error -2707 and others

I had to pause a bit on working on my apps.

Now after some weeks one thing often enough happens is that the app crashes with “Table Overflow -2707” - though it had been there in the past sometimes.
I can’t find a real reason for that. I can compile the app and everything works fine. I quit Xcode and compile again and whatever I do the app crashes/hangs with that error.
I can add a simple ‘log " "’ line somewhere to the code, re-compile and the error is gone.

On one user machine a error: “UNIX error exception: 17” happens, this doesn’t prevent the app from working ‘fine’, except it doesn’t perform some ‘read from file things’ during launch.
In this case there is additionally an “Unable to load Info.plist exceptions (eGPUOverrides)”.

Any ideas or hints about what goes wrong?

Basically, it’s telling you that your app’s instance of AppleScript is hosed. The UNIX error and eGPUOverrides messages are unrelated.

The normal cause of table overflow is errors is too much complexity, such as excessive recursion or nesting. Tracking the exact cause down is usually quite difficult.

(AppleScript keeps a table where it tracks everything in your script. That error occurs when that table overflows.)

Thanks Shane,

Was my bad how to ask the question - I know those errors are unrelated.

I expected (for the 2707) something like this.
Any idea why it happens randomly - like quit Xcode with a compiled version which runs without any errors. Open XCode next morning and re-compile and the error is there.

I googled for “eGPUOverrides” and the only thing I found was related to 10.14 and microphone & camera access. I don’t use that.

Not really. It probably means you’re close to the edge when it runs, and some small change in what you do is enough to tip the scales. It’s a real pain.