WebKit viewer - modern equivalent?

Some years ago, Shane Stanley created a WebKit viewer downloadable here:


The applet doesn’t run under High Sierra, and I wonder if Shane (or anyone else) has a version that works with current versions of macOS. Many thanks for any pointers.

That’s not mine — that site belongs to Sal Soghoian (I’m just a subtenant).

It looks like it’s been saved as one of Script Editor’s Cocoa-AppleScript apps. You should be able to extract the code from its bundle and reassemble it.

Ah - apologies for the misattribution, and thank you for this.

I’m obviously being very dense, but I can’t find the Script Editor’s Cocoa-AppleScript apps anywhere. I’m sorry to come back for more information, but could you point me in the right direction? All I can find in the templates an empty Cocoa-AppleScript script, but nothing more. Thank you again…

If you go to File -> New From Template in Script Editor, the last option is Cocoa-AppleScript Applet.app.

Ah - I misunderstood your message entirely and was looking for a sample in current macOS. It was too late in the day for me to see that you were saying that I should simply extract the code from Sol S.'s bundle. Apologies (again) for time-wasting!