Was there a Script Debugger that worked with System 7.5.5/68K Macs?

Now that the BasiliskII 68K emulator has been updated to x64 operation, I’ve been experimenting with AppleScripts under System 7.5.5. Script Editor gets tedious very quickly. Was there a Script Debugger version that worked in 68K Macs under System 7.5.5? And if so, is there any hope that it might be released in the same way that version 3.0.9 was released a while back? I don’t expect anyone to go to any trouble about this, but I’ll be glad to hear about what might be possible.

Yes, Script Debugger 3 ran on that version of MacOS. Please see this topic for more information about this:

Thanks for this - I was the person who started that earlier thread. 3.0.9 installs perfectly on PowerPC-based Mac emulated by SheepShaver. The manual says that a PowerPC Mac running 8.1 or later is required. So I’m curious to know whether earlier versions could run on 68K Macs in addition to PowerPC models…