Version 8 registration problem

I’ve got the registration number in the email, it was an upgrade from version 6. I’ve deleted all previous versions of the program and when I go to register version 8, it accepts the number and then the dialog just disappears and it hasn’t been registered. It still says I’m using the trial.

There is no error, the dialog just accepts the number and disappears. No error, no registration.

I apologize for the difficulty you are experiencing getting your new registration number to work.

Are you running a Script Debugger 8 beta build? If so, please download the final Script Debugger 8.0 release build (8A32):

Thanks Mark but that still had the same problem. I downloaded and installed that version. Entered the version 8 registration number and the dialog just disappeared with no confirmation. When I restarted the app it asked again if I wanted to continue the trial or register. I tried with the registration number from version 6 and it showed a dialog saying it is not a valid number. So it is paying attention to the number but for some reason it is not really registering my version 8 number.

I seem to have the same problem, upgrading from version 6 to 8.0 (8A32) under Big Sur 11.3

At the prompts I enter the registration number for v. 8, then the number for v. 6.

These seem to be “accepted.” But SD continues to run in Trial Mode. And I’m prompted to re-input the numbers all over again when I start up SD again. Annoying.

What should I do?

This problem is resolved in the upcoming Script Debugger 8.0.1 maintenance release. There is a beta-build available here: