Ventura seems to have broken hide application for AppleScript applets?

Updated my Mac to Ventura yesterday. Now I find that “command-h” no longer reliably hides my applet. Instead the applet becomes inactive. Clicking on the applet does not make it active. Can make the applet active by clicking on its window title bar or by command-tab.

BUT, that behaviour is only occurring if the next app is Finder. If, for example, Safari is active, I then switch to my applet and try command-h, my applet hides normally. But if the active app is Finder, that procedure does not work and my applet remains visible but non-active.

Is this new or expected behaviour for AS applets ?


UPDATE: Nope. I can’t find a pattern in this as yet. My applet sometimes hides in front of Finder and sometimes doesn’t. Same with other apps. I can’t figure out what’s behind all this.