Variable Display Bug (Reproducible)

This has happened twice now, and relaunching SD fixes it.

While stepping through a script I double click on a variable in the variables pane.

The window for that variable opens with the blue button containing the variable name and nothing else but the tool bar. No list of items/values. Clicking “Best” or “Source” doesn’t help. In this state it doesn’t matter which variable I click, I can’t see the value in the variable’s window.

I can see the values in the variables pane.

Restarting SD fixes it. Next time it happens I’ll see if closing and reopening the window helps, and I’ll see if it’s limited to the one script/window or affects others.

OK, this seems pretty easy to replicate. When SD gets in this state if affects all open script windows and closing/saving/reopening the script doesn’t fix it. Relaunching SD seems to be the only fix.

In my last two sessions here’s what I did:

Opened a script in debugging mode. Started stepping through the script. After a few steps I double-clicked on a variable in the variables pane and the window opened showing the contents in “best” format. (I know that can be problematic, but it usually works for me and I like it).

I clicked the source button in the variable’s window and nothing happened.

Closed and reopened the variable window and no value displayed.

Can anyone replicate?

–>Script Debugger 6.0.5 (6A203) on Mac OS 10.11.6 (15G1421)

There is definitely something buggy with display of variables that gets progressively worse until you quit and relaunch SD.

Double clicking on variable names stops working, then viewing variables in the variable pane starts working only intermittently, and works less and less the further you go.

It seems related to the Best/Source button. It seems that if I try to switch to source in variables pane it stars working inconsistently. It doesn’t show source, but Best stops working two. Then a few steps and the same variable will show its value and then when it’s value changes it will stop.

Pretty much hit and miss. I suspect it keeps getting worse, but I quit and relaunch to get on with my scripting.

Has anyone else seen this bug? The topic has only 4 views and I think three of them are me.

This seems like a major issue to me

Can’t reproduce at work. (At least not on the first try as I can at home.)

–>Script Debugger 6.0.5 (6A203) on Mac OS 10.10.5 (14F27)

I am not able to reproduce this here. You don’t describe what values are being displayed. So lets take this brief example from one of my video tutorials:

use AppleScript version "2.4" -- Yosemite (10.10) or later
use framework "Foundation"
use scripting additions

--	AppleScript
set aList to {1, 2, 3, true, 1234}
set aRecord to {fullname:"Mark Alldritt", city:"Victoria", country:"Canada"}
set aRecordContainingLists to {aaa:{1, 2, 3, 4, 5}, bbb:{true, current date, "Hello World"}}

--	AppleScript Objective-C
set aASObjCList to current application's NSArray's arrayWithArray:aList
set aASObjCRecord to current application's NSDictionary's dictionaryWithDictionary:aRecord
set aASObjCRecordContainingLists to current application's NSDictionary's dictionaryWithDictionary:aRecordContainingLists
set aASObjCSet to current application's NSSet's setWithArray:{1, 2, 3, 3, 3, 4, 4, 4, 5}

Can you reproduce the problem with this code? If so, how? Please detail the steps I should follow. Also, please check to see if Script Debugger has logged anything to your console log around the time when you experienced this issue.

I’m am noticing some pretty serious inconsistencies in variable displays and a problem with window handling.

First, I’m not seeing results in the result pane. Including when running the sample provided. I think it might be related to the button in the window. When I expect to see a result the window says “No Result” and the “Result” button is highlighted. Clicking it does nothing.

I’m at work, where I hadn’t noticed the original problem, but when I run your sample, I do see it.

Basically, after a few hours of editing debugging and running scripts in SD, I dropped your script into a window and ran it. I can see the variable in the variables pane, I can expand them to see their contents, but when I double click them, nothing.

That’s true for all of the variable in the variables pane. (Including AppleScript).

So, no result in the result pane; nothing in the variable window when I double click on any of those variables.

(The other issues I noticed are unrelated. One of my windows disappeared. I couldn’t see it in the windows menu; it wasn’t visible. It had three tabs. I opened it from the recent items menu and the window just blinked back into visibility where it had been, with all three tabs in tact. None of them were in a saved state.

The final issue is I tried to use the explorer window with Excel (which has been an issue in the past, but not lately.) This time it was blank, and had an “application is not running” message. It was running. I click the Activate button but that didn’t help. Neither did the refreshing the display.)

FYI, after a second restart at work (Yosemite) I was able to see variables and the Excel explorer.

It’s not an issue at home at the moment, but I have seen this at home (El Capitan) and now at work (Yosemite).

Next time it happens I’ll take a sample in Activity monitor and record a movie. Would anything else be helpful?

I had a crash that gave me the option to continue. At the moment it crashed I had just pasted - into the find field and clicked replace.

The crash dialog gave me the options to continue and show more details. I pasted the details into a text document linked to above.

I then closed all open documents, saving some. The crash dialog came up again during this process and I clicked continue again.

Before the crash SD was in the mode where the displays were not working. I was trying to finish up one script before doing the sample, movie to illustrate, but it crashed before I could.
–>Script Debugger 6.0.5 (6A203) on Mac OS 10.10.5 (14F27)