Using Symlinks with SD6

###Using Symlinks with SD6

I just wanted to thank Mark and Shane for, and to advise everyone of, the great support the SD6 app has for symlinks and aliases. As far as I can tell, it is extensive and flawless. :+1:

For example, I have created symlinks for the 3 main folders in
~/Library/Application Support/Script Debugger 6
to corresponding folders in my DropBox account:

This provides me with two major benefits:

  1. I have access to the same SD6 files on all of my Macs
  2. I have the great DropBox file version and deletion support.

Thanks guys! Much appreciated!

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Why don’t you sync the whole Script Debugger folder?

Because I don’t need to, and there may be now, or in the future, other files/folders that I may not want to sync.
I am syncing the folders I am interested in.