Using Sparkle with Enhanced Applets

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Script Debugger 7’s Enhanced Applets include the Sparkle software update framework. This document describes how to configure an enhanced applet to update itself using the Sparkle software update framework.

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What could be the reason that the menu item “Check For Updates” is grayed out?

And how can I test the update? Can I just decrease the Version number and the Build #?

Have you followed all the steps outlined in the above blog post? Specifically, this one:


If the Enhanced Applet shell detects the absence of these settings, it will disable the Check For Updates menu item. If you feel you’ve done everything these instructions call be, you can email me a copy of your applet and I’ll check into the problem for you.

Yes, I added SUFeedURL with the correct URL and SUPublicDSAKeyFile to Info.plist. I’ve send you the download link of the script last Friday.


I’ve replied to @Tekl privately on this, but the answer bears repeating here. There is a bug in Script Debugger’s enhanced applet shell that prevents the Check For Updates command from being enabled. This will be corrected in the upcoming Script Debugger 7.0.5 maintenance release.