Using "Search Field" with "View Based" Table

Is it possible?

I haven’t found anything nor did I find an alternative.

Any ideas are really appreciated.

Sure. Searching works by the array controller filtering the content, so the type of table displaying that content is irrelevant.

Thanks Shane,

You’re right - as always.
My question was stupid and missing details, here another try.
I’ve a view based table, it contains one column with a ‘text table cell view’. This cell contains all data per record.

Does this make more sense?

Honestly? :wink:

Sorry, I don’t follow what you’re trying to achieve. The filtering is based on whatever fields you want it to be based on.

Okay - obviously not :slight_smile:


There is a table view connected to an array controller.
There is one column containing one cell - text table cell (zRow)
The “array record items” are addressed/connected by ‘Bind -> zRow’, ‘Model Key Path -> objectValue.key’

Better now?

OK, but the search field is irrelevant to how the table is set up. (I thought you meant how to use use a search field specifically in a view-based table, rather than in general.)

Let’s say the key for your column 1 data is fileName. So you add a search field, bind its Predicate to the array controller, with a Controller Key of filterPredicate, a Predicate Format of fileName contains $value, and a Display Name of, well, it doesn’t matter if there’s only one predicate.

Thanks for your patience Shane!

Meanwhile I understand why you didn’t understand what I meant.

I have/had two projects where I tried exactly what you described above and what I thought it was the way to do. But it did not work. There was either a ‘silent crash’ or no result.

So I did start a new little project with a less complicated table which worked better.
Another new project works fine when every ‘searchable’ thing is explicitly is coerced to text.

Thanks again.