Uncaught except with Script Debugger 6.0.1

I had been doing a number of undos and redos trying to find some past text I had accidentally lost. By the time I got to writing this up I forgot whether I was undoing or redoing at the time of the exception. At the time of the exception I had been performing a very large number of undos or redos by holding down the keys and using the key repeat function. This large of a number of undos or redos using the key repeat function is something I very rarely do so this could have been a bug for a long time and I wouldn’t have noticed.

I sent the other files to the old yahoo beta test site because I don’t know how to upload files to the new Discourse group.
The files I uploaded are:
Apple crash report
Uncaught exception
Console output

I am not sure of the procedure for reporting bugs and exceptions now the new Discourse group exists. Where do I post the problem and how do I upload files for the report?

I am now only using the Discourse group so if you respond to this it would be better to do it on the discourse group if you want me to reply back. Is there any kind of special optional tag I should add to the post for a bug and exception reports? It seems like it would be good to have one to make it easier for you to find bug reports. Maybe something like “bug”



The reason there is a “Uncaught exception Script Debugger 6.0.1” and “Try #2 Uncaught exception Script Debugger 6.0.1” post on the old yahoo group is Yahoo for some reason removed the files I attached from the first one. “Try #2 Uncaught exception Script Debugger 6.0.1” does have the 3 file attached to the post. You can forget about the first post.