ToolTips in Clipping Pane

I don’t know if this rises to the level of a bug, and originally I as going to make this a feature request because I didn’t seem to work, but now I think there is something a little buggy going on…

Following the thread on using Templates and placeholders I was going to go through all of my clippings and decide which ones to try in a new template with placeholders.

Previously, I had tried hovering over the clippings to get a popup so I could see their contents without actually opening them. It did not work. So instead I used the finder, but it would be simpler to it right there in the pane. This morning I was going to do a feature request but then it worked.

So, I started using it, made a new window and once again it stopped working. I noticed at first that in the inspector pane, if I had the “tell context pane” minimized so it was invisible, it didn’t work. If I make the tell context pane bigger, the popups on the clippings started working. If I then minimized the tell context pane, popups on clippings still worked. If I selected a different tab then went back to the inspectors tab it stopped working. Changing (and rechaging) the size of tell context pane seemed to “fix” it again.

What you’re describing are Tool Tips, and yes, they are a bit flakey. But I think the flakiness is is an Apple problem – I’ve seen reports of it in lots of apps and contexts.

Yes, of course, tool tips. The name was escaping me.

I think the flakiness in this case is related to the display of the inspector panes.

It may be – but even so, I think it’s still an OS problem.