Timer Display Issue

On one of my Macs the timer display in SD’s toolbar is messed up:

It looks like the program doesn’t get the correct font for the display. On another Mac the timer is normal.

Does anybody have an idea what could be responsible for this?



Things that didn’t help: deleting SD’s prefs, safe OS reboot, clearing font caches, clearing other caches, OS update 10.11.6.

Script Debugger’s Timer uses the Arial Narrow and Arial Narrow Bold fonts. The problem you show in your screenshot suggests that this font is disabled on your system.

When the correct fonts are available, the timer looks like this:

EDIT: updated to show both fonts Script Debugger requires.

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Try having a look in Font Book:

Arial Narrow Bold was disabled, on purpose. (I usually diable fonts I don’t need, and enable them collection-wise when I need them for a project.)

Now the right-most column and the column before are OK. Which font do I need for the middle column?

Don’t bother. I’ve removed the Timer field from the toolbar. For the scripts I make it’s not strictly necessary to analyze time anyway.


I’ve updated my answer to list both fonts Script Debugger requires.