Timeout when notarizing?

For the past twelve hours or so, any attempt that I make to notarize, using SD Notary 1 or 2, ends in a timeout. Apple’s system status page doesn’t report anything wrong, and I seem to have my agreements up to date. Is anyone experiencing something similar?

You may need a new App Specific Password.

@estockly - Thank you for this. I had already created a new app-specific-password for SD Notary 2, but I deleted it from my keychain, revoked it on Apple’s site, created a new one, entered it when prompted by SD Notary 2, and still have the same problem.

Since I have the same problem with the original SD Notary, something else seems to be involved. (And now I see that Xcode is taking forever to notarize an app, so it may be something in my account…)

EDIT: After a long wait, my apps are getting notarized again. Ignore all these messages. Apologies for wasting bandwidth.

I’m having the same timeout issues. I am using SD Notary 2, with a new app-specific password. The updated developer agreements have been signed and the notarizing process begins. I get as far as “Uploading file to Apple for notarizing…” successfully (I think)-- the file does seem to get uploaded. The next line in the log is “Awaiting results from Apple…” I get that line repeated in the log every 30 seconds until eventually SD Notary 2 displays an error, in red, in the log: “Error 105553163042128 in xcrun notary tool submit…” and later in the message, “Timeout of 1800 second(s) was reached before processing completed.” Three times in a row. I tried it twice this afternoon and again at roughly midnight and it’s the same result (lots of lines of “Awaiting result from Apple…” in the log, followed by “Timeout of 1800 second(s)…”). This is my first use of SD Notary 2 although I have successfully used SD Notary 1 (with a different app-specific password). Any advice? I see that “waiting” worked for you.

I have Xcode 14.3.1 installed.

Interestingly, when I get the “Timeout” error in the log, SD Notary 2 shows an error dialog that says “Error uploading file.” So maybe I didn’t get stuck waiting for Apple, maybe they were waiting for me!

In the “Uploaded Version” folder I see my app is 270 KB, which shouldn’t be too hard to upload. Hmmm.

When you get a timeout, what happens if you choose File -> Info For… -> Last Submission?

@christianboyce - For me, the problem went away after a day. Notarization now goes very quickly, as it did before. I made no change in my system. When the problem existed, I got the same timeout message that you described, but I did not get the “Error uploading file” message.

Oddly enough, notarizing worked perfectly for me this morning, same file, same location, same machine, same everything. Two times in a row. I’m glad it’s working but the mystery remains.

If it happens again I will get that info. For now, it’s working perfectly-- takes less than a minute.

Timeout errors usually mean there was a problem at Apple’s end, and unfortunately they tend to just break off communications with nor diagnostic info. If you run Info For… you’ll probably find it all went fine.