The bundle “FMDBAS” couldn’t be loaded - error code: -4960


I’m trying to use SQLite Lib in macOS 10.14.5 on a 2013 Mac Pro.

I’ve downloaded version 1.0 from here:

I decompressed the archive and copied the library file to:
~/Library/Script Libraries/SQLite Lib.scptd

I have a simple script:

use sqlLib : script "SQLite Lib" version "1.0.0"
use scripting additions

property dbPath : "~/Library/Safari/CloudTabs.db"

set database to sqlLib's makeNewDbWith:dbPath
database's openReadOnly()

set theResult to database's doQuery:"select device_uuid, device_name from cloud_tab_devices" rowsAs:"records"

database's |close|()

When I try to run the script, the makeNewDbWith line is highlighted and I get this error:

error "The bundle “FMDBAS” couldn’t be loaded." number -4960 from framework "FMDBAS"

I’ve tried re-installing the library into ~/Library/Script Libraries but get the same error.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?
Do I need to install the FMDBAS framework separately?

It sounds like you are trying to run your script in Script Editor, which can no longer load third-party frameworks. Write your script in Script Debugger.