Thank you for Break On Exceptions

I do an awful lot of editing and debugging of other people’s code and need all the help I can get.

In SD it is easy to overlook the Break On Exceptions item in the Script menu. With this item enabled in Debugging Mode, a script will stop directly on a handled error within a try statement, reporting both the location and the error message (as if it was not handled). This is extremely useful for debugging complex scripts.

So just a word of thanks. This little feature has saved me so much time over the years.


Ray, thanks for sharing this tip.
I was one of those who had overlooked this powerful feature.

And thanks to @alldritt for providing this cool feature.

I’m glad to hear you are using this feature. Its one of those things which is incredibly difficult to describe and for which people don’t see a purpose until they need to solve the exact problem it solves.

It’s especially handy when you have an error-handler that prevents Script Debugger from stopping on the exception.

I know it took me quite a while, before I began to use this feature habitually – but when I did I gave it a keyboard shortcut Go-To status.