Text area not in focus when document is first opened or created in a new window

I wonder if it would be possible to put the focus on the text area as soon as a document window is opened or created, as is the case in other apps, such as Textedit? To just provide two common scenarios for me:

  • Create new document (⌘N -> Enter)
  • Press ⌘V


  • Open new document (⌘O -> Enter)
  • Select all (⌘A), Copy (⌘C)

Don’t currently work in SD. Nor is it possible to click on a lot of menu bar items, or click on toolbar buttons for toggling the event log pane or switching between the results&variables pane, resources pane and inspectors pane, as they are all greyed out before one has clicked in (or tabbed to) the text area.

EDIT: I should add that this is dependent on whether full keyboard access is enabled in OS X’s System Preferences (Keyboard->Shortcuts). I’m seeing this behavior when the option is set to allow pressing Tab to move keyboard focus between ‘All controls’.

I cannot reproduce this behaviour here. When I create a new document, I’m able to paste or type right away. Here’s a movie demonstrating how its working for me.

Just to make sure, did you see my addition to the previous post? It works the way it should only when keyboard access is restricted to “Text boxes and lists” instead of “all controls”.

As far as I can tell, you don’t have the ‘All controls’ setting enabled in the video:

Okay, got it. I’ll have this resolved in Script Debugger 6.0.1.