Testing SD7 Lite and Demo modes


Do you have a list of features for SD7 Lite and SD Demo. I can’t test them very well unless I know what exactly to test for. I make my test plan directly from the feature list.


Bill, see here:


Thanks for the list :slight_smile:

Are “SD Lite,” “SD demo” and “SD Full” 3 separate things or is it the same code that does the basic stuff “SD Lite” that does the comparable features in “SD Full?” I’m not sure how much code overlap there is between the 3 versions. Since you wanted SD7 to ship as soon as possible I figured the shortest test plan is best.


Demo version is functionally the same as full mode, but the “Paid” icon appears in menu items.

I guess the main thing we need to know is if something is awry in Lite mode.