Takaaki Naganoya; my submission

I made a simple game to attack 3 moles with Pixelmator Pro and AppleScript.

step 1: open “Piyomaru Whack-3-moles Game” document with Pixelmator Pro.
step 2: open “Mole Game v1.1.1.scpt” with Script Debugger.
step 3: run script with Script Debugger

You can start game & attack moles by [SHIFT] key.

molegame.zip (131.5 KB)

Demonstration movie on YouTube.

Delay loop number seems to decrese in macOS 10.15.7 environment.
Each machine’s performance will be different from mine.

I wrote Kamenoko (my Mac App Store app whole written in AppleScript ) document to Pixelmator Pro document exporting script for demonstration. It exeeds far from 100 lines.

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Newer archive is here. Script is almost same as previous version.
I added speed control variable and if you are using very fast machine than mine, you can add more delay.

(It was very hard to measure each machine’s speed in only 100 lines code)

This archive includes text version AppleScript to read or edit.

I checked to edit script with Script Debugger on macOS 10.14.6, 10.15.7 and 11.0 beta 9.

molegame_with_text.zip (142.6 KB)