Tabs disappears when pasting AppleScript in a reply

I’m not sure where to post this but this seemed the best place to me.

I posted a reply in the "Array tell targets and it" topic tonight and I pasted some AppleScript in the reply which had tabs in the script to properly indent the code. But when I seen what actually got posted all the tabs had been removed. Does anyone know what I need to do to keep the tabs in place?

You need to mark your code. The easiest way is to add a line containing three back-ticks before and after the code. I’ve edited you other post slightly to show how it works.

I looked at the source code for the page displaying my AppleScript that you modified and I can see the indentations. I think back-ticks are the same as back quotes (id of "" = 96) but I can't test this without posting a meaningless a test message. I tried to look at the source code for the page to see if I could find what you inserted but the only back quotes I found in the source code were all around the word it (`). So now I’m not sure if a back-tick is the same as the back quote. Am I correct in that I need to put 3 back quotes on a line with nothing else on the line and I need to do that just before and just after the pasted AppleScript code. If I am wrong about the back quote could you post the correct character. Thanks : )

Yes, it’s the character that shares the tilde key (~). The old typesetter in me refuses to call it any sort of quote.