Table view question again

I have a problem I moved aside for more than a year.

For example: In an app there is a simple table view with 1 column - connected to an array controller.
The table view lists/shows file names inside a folder.

Now the simple challenge is: when the table view selection changes ‘something should happen’ – like the full path to the folder item is displayed, or just a beep.


only works when a row is clicked with the mouse - nothing happens with arrow up/arrow down.

How to make it work ???
Thanks in advance.

It works here. Are you sure you’ve set the table view’s delegate correctly?

Not sure whether I understand what you mean by “set the table view’s delegate”

You have to control-click on the table view and connect its delegate outlet to whatever object you’re planning to implement the delegate method in.

Aaaah - got it.
Many thanks!!!