SubEthaEdit, FOSS, with AppleScript support

SubEthaEdit was one of my favorite “encoding conversion” tool back when it was free. Then it was not free anymore, and now it is FOSS hosted on Github. With AppleScript support.

Thanks for sharing.

For others that may be interested, SubEthaEdit is:

The app that started the collaborative editing revolution is back. Write articles, code, notes or meeting minutes with friends – wherever they are. Ideal for extreme programming sessions, tutoring and creative writing. And now it is free and open source!

Powerful Editing

Fine grained Undo

Undo that works the way you do, without grouping too many edits together.


Edit on multiple lines at the same time. Just option click the lines you want and type away.

Live Web Preview

Edit HTML and see a live preview result. Even reloading automatically when you save referenced css or js files.

Split and New Views

Have as many windows open of one document as you like. Great for comparing multiple places, keeping a reference section open, or follow others.

Powerful Search and Replace

Use your desired flavor of regex for search. From simple shell to full power ruby style. Have multiple search result windows at the same time. Constrain search to just preselected parts of your document.

Line Numbers, Folding and Selection

See the structure and depth of your documents in the line number and folding ribbon. Fold text away based on depths or however you want. Select lines and/or depth easy with a single click. Select to matching braces by a simple double click.

Maybe I’m the only one who didn’t know this, but “FOSS” confused me. It stands for “Free or Open Source Software”.

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And to add to your confusion there also is FLOSS, which has nothing to do with dental care software but stands for Free Libre and Open Source Software.

I remember using SEE before it got that name (which really confused me) at the time you had text files in various encodings flying over the web and you needed a robust and simple way to open and convert them to the right encoding to edit them. SEE’s UX was great for that.