Stuck when I click to stop a script


I write a script with a while loop to debug.

When I click to stop the script, it takes a very long time to be back.

What is the problem ?


Please provide a brief example script that illustrates the problem you are experiencing. This will let us try and reproduce the problem here and provide an explanation.


For example, I have a script which get all my iTunes root playlists.

The script in Script Editor takes 4 secondes to be executed and return the result. The same script in Script Debugger takes several minutes to return the result.

I think it is because of the debugger which shows the result in a tree (it is a list) instead of string like in Script Editor and the other script properties…

Yes, if the result of the script is massive, Script Debugger can take a while to display it. You can improve performance a little bit by changing the result view from Best to Source.