Still con't get progress dialog to work

Shane and Mark,

I ran a script with and without an open handler for the progress bar test. The one with the open handler worked fine. The one without an open handler did not. I didn’t actually put any code in the open handler for the one that worked. Am I correct that the progress bar stuff does not require an open handler?

I added code to time the run times for both the applets with a handler and without a handler. Both version take the same amount to run. So I think the code was executed and nothing showed up. I also saved, from each applet, a compiled script bundle version.

I included a zip archive with 4 files. The applet files are exactly the same except one has an open handler in it and the other does not.

The file names are:

  • Progress bar “with” open handler.scptd
  • Progress bar “no” open handler.scptd
  • Progress bar “no” open
  • Progress bar “with” open

Progress (3.5 MB)