Status of the ASObj-C database

As an update on how the the ASObj-C database is going I have finished all the original design goals of the database. The last released about half, maybe two thirds, of them were done. The latest changes involved:
The biggest thing I did was add a button called “Turn on Parameters & return Type display.” When clicked the button name changes to “Turn off Parameters & return Type display” and the text in the items window will then show a the inputs types and output types of methods and functions, for example:

Of course this made the info bigger for the columns so I had to change things so the info could be seen. The reason I’m doing the input and outputs is so the user will know exactly what to look up for inputs and outputs should questions arise.

The next biggest thing is I dumped my original window size idea I had. Now the window has a popup with “More compact window” and a “Less compact window” and there is now a huge number of zoom levels that can be set with a second popup.

I did finally add at the top of the window some text which shows which sort was last used.

Added a new column to show if a property is “read & write” or just read only,

Every item in the Items page now has examples.

Added more items to the AS-Obj-C menu to make using the database easier.

After getting the final interface finalized I started to adding new items into the database. Since the internal structure of the database is now final and won’t be changing there is no more reason to hold off on entering items. Currently there are 389 items in the database which is a little over double the size of the last released database. After I finish a few things I’ll be posting it. Then it will be obvious why I wanted to use a database. Basically all the kinds of info you would have looked up in Apple’s docs are now in a datebase with easier to read notes and descriptions.

If I don’t have it ready to release the full version soon I’ll just release it as is. There are just a lost of inputs and outputs still left to enter and I’m also entering class descriptions for all the classes used in the database. The rest is done.