SQLite Lib2 and updated version of sqlite3

Hi Shane,
using SQLite Lib2 for a some times, I now need to go deeper in my project by enhancing my database schema, using some new features of SQLite since the version installed with the system (3.24.0 on Mac OS 10.14 I’m running). I’ve installed latest sqlite3 version 3.38 (in /usr/local/bin), and it’s working as expected if I work in terminal, but all requests made through SQLite Lib2 still rely on 3.24.0 (the “original” one in /usr/bin). I don’t really get how/where we can “tell” SQLite Lib2 to “use” an updated version of sqlite3. It may sound like a stupid question but any help/explanation would be really appreciated.
Thanks. Arnaud

SQLite Lib2 is built on the open source FMDB framework, which links to /usr/lib/libsqlite3.dylib. I don’t see any way to change that without potential unwanted repercussions.

However, I suppose there’s nothing stopping you from compiling your own copy of FMDB, and replacing the one in FMDBAS.

Thanks a lot for your explanations, I wasn’t really aware of how things are linked together. So it’s now clearer in my mind. I think I get what you suggest but compiling new framework is beyond what I can understand and do. I suppose I could first have a look at how it goes on latests MacOS releases, there’s probably more recent sqlite version (and library) there and I suppose SQLite Lib2 would then directly use it…