Sorting a range of rows in Numbers

This should be a simple thing. I have a table where I need to sort rows 4 through 23 by the value of column 11.

None of the variations I’ve tried work.

Any suggestions?


--this version doesn't work, but it compiles and runs
tell application "Numbers"
	tell its document 1
		tell sheet 1
			tell table 1
				set the rangeStart to the name of cell 1 of row 4
				set the rangeEnd to the name of cell 11 of row 23
					set myRange to range (rangeStart & ":" & rangeEnd)
				sort by column ("10") ¬
					direction ascending ¬
					in rows myRange
			end tell
		end tell
	end tell
end tell

Try this :

tell application "Numbers"
	set theTable to table 1 of active sheet of document 1
	set theRange to range "a4:k23" of theTable
	sort theTable by (column 10 of theTable) in rows theRange direction ascending -- or column "j"
end tell