Something odd with clippings

This is odd. I’m having trouble with this line in a clipping:

	as [[template:custompicker:alert_type:critical alert:informational alert:warning alert]] 

The way it’s supposed to work is in the script I should have a popup menu with the three alert options. Instead, I only get two options in the clipping below. But, if I paste that line in another clipping it works.

What’s up with that?

[[*library:Dialog Toolkit Plus]]

--Dialog variables
set accViewControls to {}
set accViewWidth to [[template:400]]
set controlResults to {[[template:anyList]]}
set spacer to [[template:12]]
set thisRow to spacer
set thisRow to (thisRow + spacer)
set theTop to spacer
set [[linked-template:alertHead]] to "[[template:boldText]]"
set [[linked-template:alertBody]] to "[[template:plainText]]"
set [[linked-template:buttonsList]] to {[[template:textList]]}

--Display enhanced alert
set {theValue, theTop, theWidth} to display enhanced alert [[template:alertHead]] ¬
	message ([[linked-template:alertBody]]) ¬
	as [[template:custompicker:alert_type:critical alert:informational alert:warning alert]] ¬
	buttons [[linked-template:buttonsList]] ¬
	suppression [[template:trueOrFalse]] ¬
	giving up after [[template:Number]] ¬
	acc view width accViewWidth ¬
	acc view height theTop ¬
	acc view controls accViewControls

I can’t reproduce that here – I get the same three menu items in each.