Some questions about Myriad Tables

I have just started using Myriad Tables Lib. It does what I need with plenty of options, many thanks Shane. I have done a trawl through the discussions here but couldn’t find comments on these questions:

  • Can spacing be added above headings ? I can add a return after the heading which does add space below (as in example below) but I can’t find a way to add space above the heading.
  • Can spacing be added to a row which has a checkbox ? Adding a return before and after the data in a cell adds space which is what I want. But I can’t find a way to add space in a cell containing a checkbox. So, the affected row looks like the example below.
  • Can column widths be set individually ? The column width parameter for modify columns in table controls the width of all columns. Is there a way to control the width of individual columns ?
  • Can there be more than one prompt and can prompts be in bold text ? I have a dialog containing a table which would look better if the title was in bold text.
  • Can the Library be provided without run-only ? Being able to customise the Dialog Toolkit library helps with my project and I have hopes of doing the same with Myriad Tables Lib.
  • Is it possible to add an accessory view above the table – e.g. a small image beside the prompt ?

Example table

This works for me:

column headings {return & "Day", return & "Month", "Year" & return} 

I believe you can, by using the mulitple lines allowed parameter, and in a text cell adding a return. But just a checkbox in a row, no, I think it’s a fixed height.

Yes, use the “columns list” parameter of the modify columns in table command. That defaults to all columns.

columns list {2,4,6}

This will apply the column modifications to only those columns specified.

I don’t think so, at least not directly. However, you can display a table as an accessory view in Dialog Toolkit Plus, and do all sorts of prompts and styles there.

That’s a question for Shane. I believe he has reasons for not doing that.

EDIT: No, I don’t think so. Accessory views go below the table. I once asked Shane if a table could be an Accessory view for a Dialog Toolkit window, but Shane said that’s not gonna fly. He may have revisited that.

Somewhere on this forum I posted sample using Dialog Toolkit Plus with Myriad tables.

(Link in next post)

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Ed’s answered most of your questions. On the issue of the lib being read-only, the actual AppleScript code is just passing stuff to Objective-C – making it editable would gain you nothing (and, honestly, me more potential headaches).

Ed, Shane, many thanks for all this.

Sorry, my question was poorly worded – I’ve been trying to get extra space above and below the heading. Adding a return before the heading pushes the heading to the bottom of its display area. Adding a return after pushes the heading to the top of the display area. Adding both just pushes the heading to the bottom of the display area i.e. the return after has no effect. Not a big deal.

Yes, that is how it seems to work.

That might solve a few questions, thanks.

Fair enough, thanks.