Some apps not listed in Dictionary Window app list

Just noticed today that if Script Editor isn’t running and hasn’t been running for a while (I hardly ever launch it) then it does not appear in the All Apps list in dictionary window.

Same with Quicktime Player.

Both are scriptable and both appear in the Running list when they are running. (At this moment I just checked, QuickTimePlayer is not running, it’s not in the All Apps list, it is in the Recents List (correctly) and it’s also in the Running list (incorrectly).

→ Script Debugger 8.0.4 (8A52)
→ Mac OS 11.6.7 (20G630)

Script Debugger does filter out applications that have never been launched. Once an application has been launched on your system, it should be appearing in the all applications list. With this said, Script Debugger is at the mercy of Spotlight to reliably return search hits.

I’ve been noticing Open Quickly is missing a lot lately.

Funny thing is, I’m having more luck with using Spotlight in the Finder than via Script Debugger, and that’s the worst kind of searching.

I actually ran QuickTime player earlier today, and Script Editor a week or two ago if not more recently.