Sierra-Update (Tabs)?

Was just wondering whether we can look forward to a Sierra-specific update that merges SD’s own Tab handling with the native functionality provided by Sierra to prevent tabs nested in tabs? Thanks! :slight_smile:

In the forthcoming Script Debugger 6.0.2 update we will disable Sierra tabs, leaving Script Debugger’s existing tabbed window interface. In the future, probably Script Debugger 7, we will transition away from Script Debugger’s existing tabbed interface to a Sierra native implementation.

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ok, great – thanks for the info!

That’d be unfortunate, in my view. I think your strategy of disabling Sierra’s tab mechanism in SD is a much better idea.

The reason is that some people (me being one of them!), have Sierra’s tabs setting set to “in Full Screen Only” – I would have it to ‘Never’, but that option isn’t available – precisely because there’s lots of apps where opening in tabs makes no sense and/or (argue it how you like) I’d prefer to have separate windows as the default. In Script Debugger, however, I DO want tabs, but I don’t want to have to enable that preference across the mac just to get it where it does make sense.

Thus, for me, your strategy in 6.0.2 is perfect. I hope more developers follow your lead. It means I get to keep SD tabs where I want them, while avoiding Apple’s insistence that I have to have tabs in every app across my machine.

You’re reading more into “native implementation” than is meant. In the words of the release notes, “It is up to an application to properly respect the userTabbingPreference” (the userTabbingPreference is the system preference). That implies that an app can follow its own preferences instead. That’s just a quick reading, but I think it’s correct.

The implementation Mark is talking about is more at the appearance and code level – the existing tabs involve a heck of a lot of code, some of which makes other changes very difficult.

Isn’t that effectively what Manually means? I mean, it’s never unless you hold down the option key.

However it’s done, I prefer the behaviour of SD as it is now in El Capitan with respect to windows and tabs.

Isn’t that effectively what Manually means?

Hmm, sure I tried that in an early beta and concluded it didn’t, but you’re right, in the current build it does seem to disable it.