Shane's scripting libraries

I have a script that uses a choose from list dialog with multiple selections allowed. This works fine except that I need the dialog to return multiple selections in the order they were selected by the user. Is that possible with one of Shane’s scripting libraries? Thanks.

No, it’s not. What you can do, however, is allow the user to rearrange entries into their preferred order. (You can also allow them to delete unwanted entries.)

Thanks Shane. I’ll experiment with that.

I also needed to get multiple selections returned.

For that, I just create a checkbox for every item to be choosen. Looks a bit different, but works just fine. Something like:

repeat with theAction in reverse of theActions
	set {theCheckbox, theTop, newWidth} to create checkbox theAction left inset theInset bottom theTop max width accViewWidth
	copy theCheckbox to the end of allControls
end repeat

peavine said he needed the multiple selections returned in the order they were selected. I don’t think this method does that. Am I mistaken?