Seek permission to explore

This is odd, I’m getting a pop-up message that says “Seek permission to explore.” I’m using the expression/value viewer, and the expression is a list of three items. If I double click on the value part I get a result viewer window that’s blank. If I click on the button with the expression I get that odd little message.

Is that a puzzle for us to solve?

May I have permission to explore, please?


If you’re seeing Seek permission to explore, it means you need to give Script Debugger permission to send Apple events to the relevant app in System Preferences. It’s not something Script Debugger has control over.

That’s odd, because there is no other app involved.

The list is a list of text strings.

For whatever reason, permission is being refused. It could be an AppleScript issue, or it could be an issue with the security stuff in the OS. Either way, a restart is likely to be the best approach.