Searching for a tab in a script

This seems a little odd. I’m doing a search for the tab character in a script. I copy and pasts a tab in the find field, and it correctly finds any tabs that form the indents, but doesn’t find other tabs in the text.

In my case I have some tabbed text in the comments that I want to replace with " – " but find change can’t find and change them.

If I uncomment the line, it still doesn’t find them, and it doesn’t find tabs in commented text or plain uncompiled text, unless the tab is in quotes.

Is this intentional?

Wait a sec, turns out if you have “match words” on it ignores tabs in text

Ed, looks like you’ve got it figured out. But FYI, I always do stuff like this in BBEdit. In fact, there’s even an SD menu item to edit your script in BBEdit.

The BBEdit find/replace tool is much easier to use.

Thanks. I’m aware of that. It’s rare that would want to edit an entire script in BBEdit so I have a script that puts the SD selection in a new BBEdit (or text wrangler) document.

That said, since we’re beta testing SD, whenever I encounter an issue with a feature I report it here, even if I know an easy workaround.

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