Searching Dictionaries not working as expected

I haven’t done this for ages, so It may have been an issue for a while, or maybe this is how it’s supposed to work, but I was trying to search dictionaries for a term, and it seemed like it wasn’t working, but maybe it was.

In the script window I showed the Inspectors Tab.

In the dictionaries pane I entered a search term (in this case the word “translate”). It didn’t seem to find anything

I clicked the search carrot ^ to change where it’s searching, and every time I clicked a box SD beeped.

No results appeared.

Next I tried a different search term: account.

This time it worked and there were numerous hits. Changing the search parameters also worked, changing the results list as I clicked boxes.

I then changed the search term back to “translate” and, guess what, now it was working. Couldn’t get it to not work.

So I opened a new script window, entered “translate” in the dictionary search field, and it happened all over again. No results, beeping everytime I clicked a box, it started when I entered another word (“page”).

When I tried “translate” again, it didn’t work, and the search parameters had gone back to default, but clicking around I could get it to work again, but it didn’t show as many results at it had in the previous window. (In both cases All Apps was selected.)

Also, it wasn’t working until I click “recent” even though running and all apps were selected and the app it was finding the term in (Illustrator) was running, but it wasn’t finding the term in Photoshop, which was also running, and in which the previous search had found the term.

This is very puzzling. I’m going to try to recreate on my other mac.

(haven’t updated this mac yet but I have updated my other)
→ Script Debugger 8.0.4 (8A52)
→ Mac OS 11.6.5 (20G527)