Search clippings does not search subfolders in clipping menus

I just noticed that in the inspectors tab if I search for a term in a clipping it doesn’t look in subfolders in the clipping folder.

I think it should. All of my ASObjC clippings (which are probably all written by Shane) are in subfolders and it was getting frustrating when it wasn’t finding them.

Odd. It’s searching in the folders here (although only the user scripts, which I guess needs fixing).

Maybe that’s what I’m seeing (or not seeing) it’s not showing me any of the ASObjC clippings, my versions or yours. (Clippings not scripts, right?)

While while we’re on the topic I’m noticing that I don’t get the text notes popping up with a preview when looking at search results. I would also be helpful to be able to see the path to clipping in the search results.

It should only be the app-provided scripts that aren’t being searched. I suspect that’s because Spotlight is not indexing the contents of the app bundle, so we will probably need to take a different approach.

As for showing more in the search results, there’s a trade-off: fast searches (using Spotlight) or extra information (by reading everything from disk).

If it wouldn’t slow things down too much, I’d prefer more information.

At one point they clippings and scripts being duplicated with every update and I’m cleaning them up and organizing them using subfolders. Not searching subfolders is a drag.

I understand that, but I can’t reproduce it. There must be some reason Spotlight is not indexing those folders on your Mac.

Just tried it at the office and it works. hmmm…