SD8 preferences from SD7

I just installed SD 8.0.5, full version.
Not all the preferences from SD7 were imported.
For the clippings and the scripts, I just had to copy folders in Application Support.
But for key bindings and the text substitutions I’m wondering if it’s possible to copy the following prefs from SD7 and paste them in com.latenightsw.ScriptDebugger8.plist?

  • LNSUserDefaultsKeyEquivs
  • PrefEditorTextSubstitutions

Or is there any way other than re-typing all this stuff?

With Text Substitutions you can export them as a file, and them import them from that file after you’ve cleared SD prefs.

I don’t think you can do the same with key bindings (although that might be nice).

Yes, I did that. I reinstalled SD7 to make an export.
And I reset all personalized key bindings with my little hands.

Thanks for willing to help.