SD8 crashed 2021-02-14 20:57:16.469 -0800


This bug report goes with a Script Debugger crash at time 2021-02-14 20:57:16.469 -0800

I had 2 windows that had been open for a few days without any changes being made to them. I closed one window with no problems, but when I closed the second window it crashed. I’m not sure what order the windows were closed in. The files that correspond to the closed windows are included in the bug report. The file names are “Untitled 16.scptd” and “someLibrary.scptd”. The first file was on the desktop. The second file was in the user library “Script Libraries” folder. Nothing was done with the windows for 2 days.

When I last used the windows 2 days ago there was no problem with them but when I closed one of these windows it crashed SD8. I sent in a bug report about this crash with the crash reporter.

After I sent in the bug report for previous crash I relaunched SD8 which then reopened both windows. I closed 1 window with no problem but SD8 crashed when I closed the second window. Unfortunately again I failed to notice which window closing crashed. So it would be a good idea to try out those files on your system.

I put 3 files in a folder called “Crash report files” and compressed the folder. The 3 files are the 2 files left open in SD8 and a copy of the crash report.

Crash report (46.4 KB)

Bill Kopp