SD8 Bug (Low Priority) - All Variables/Properties in Explorer Marked in Red = Changed

All variables/properties in the variables explorer pane are now marked in red (meaning changed) after execution/recompilation. Previously, variables/properties that were unchanged between compilations were black, while changed ones were red.

This was tested in the latest SD8 build (8A19, macOS 11.2.1, Intel). I suspect this is related to the issues with global varable persistence, discussed elsewhere, as the same behaviour is observed in SD7 on Big Sur.

Options would be:

  1. Leave as is.
  2. Change all to black text, as there is no longer any meaning to marking them in red.
  3. Have SD retain its own copy of the variables, separate from the osa component, to be used in determining if the values have changed between recompilation/execution.

Example script:

property noChange: 3
property changes: current date

Thanks for noticing this regression. We’ll get this resolved in the next build.

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