SD8•Browse all versions always freezes

When trying to use the menu Revert to > Browse all versions, the “Time-Machine-Like” UI appears but I can’t select any item in the list on the right. Nor can I click at to top of stacked windows to navigate in versions. Some times I can close the UI, some times SD just crashes.
I don’t remember when this behaviour starts, but it’s here since a while now.
Is there some re-setting I can do?
[Sent a crash report just now]
MacOS 12.7.2 (21G1974) French localization
Script Debugger 8.0.6 (8A69)

I don’t see a crash report from you. I searched for jonah, jonas and whale.


I must have made a wrong shortcut or click.
Since my previous post, the crash did not occur and I can’t find any report in the Console.
However the window on the right become always unresponsive as soon as I choose a precedent date.
Is there something I can do to send you any kind of report?

I have previously reported the same problem. After selecting File>Revert To> Browse All Versions… the Time Machine interface appears. However, on the right-hand side of the interface, older versions can not be selected. Using Restore causes Script Debugger to crash; using Cancel works normally.
The problem seemed to be fixed in Script Debugger 8.0.7 (8A73) Beta, however that had other problems (reported) so I could not extensively test.
Script Debugger did not offer to send a crash report. I attempted to include the information macOS provided in its crash report, but it is too long. I will send a copy to Mark.

Mac Studio M2 Ultra
macOS 14.2.1
Script Debugger 8.0.6 (8A69)