SD7 showing an old crash report when it's lunched

I’ve been chasing a bug for a while I can’t reproduce it reliably. The most noticeable thing is when I launch SD7 it comes up and says SD crashed but it shows me the last crash report I sent in instead of a current crash. It happens most often when working with ASObj-C but a couple of times it’s happened without having ASObj-C in the script.

Ed mentioned something that might be the same thing or related in his post "Open Quickly bug"

Mostly when I notice it is when SD7 seems to be acting weirdly and I try quitting and restarting SD7 and it comes up with with an old crash report. I am using the date printed in the crash report to determine it’s older. Most of the time I do actually remember sending the old crash report in.

I’m pretty sure this happens more frequently when I have a large number of windows open say on average 12 to 20 windows. It acts strange in that saving the file to a disk doesn’t automatically recompile before saving but the new changes are in the text when I reopen the window. Sometimes it doesn’t compile when I click the “Compile” button but then later on it will compile when I click the button, and that cycle sometimes repeats and sometime it doesn’t.

Also when this is happening every time it brings up the dialog that says it needs to re-saved and to click the button. I do see this dialog once in a while when using SD7 but when it is acting up this way it happens with every save and any open file.

When this happens and I quit I get an old crash report when SD7 relaunches. SD7 keeps giving me this crash report on launch until I click, I think it’s the disregard button, but it’s some button name that says to forget about the crash report.

My method for testing ASObj-C is running everything in the ASObj-C database.