SD7 Opens file overriding setting

I have a script that creates a file without an extension. (This is done for a workflow issue downstream that I don’t have control over).

I’ve set it up in Finder for Text Wrangler to open all files like it.

When I installed SD7 these files started opening in SD7.

I reset the info for the file to open in TW again, but the next time I updated SD7 the files opened in SD7 again. I reset it once more, and this latest update today’s file opened in SD7. When I tried to reset it in finder get info, I noticed that it indicated Script Debugger (default) as the first application in the list. I don’t believe SD was the default for this kind of file nor should it be. (Basically a plain text file created from a script).

Here’s a link to the file in question. (I compressed it in case Dropbox munges it)

I suspect it’s Launch Services up to its usual tricks. FWIW, the only change SD7 makes to how this stuff is handled is the change to the new ID.