SD7 Lite feature list

For anyone who is interested I made up a feature list for SD7 Lite. It is a very handy thing to have for testing. This is a list of what should be working in SD7 Lite. Also, someone might come across in on the web and learn something about SD Lite. I enclosed a a zipped text file of the list, as well as placed the text of the list in this posting.

Tabbed document windows
Multiple windows on the same script
Restore open scripts on launch
Script templates
Split-pane editing
Regular Expression find and replace
Auto-pairing of delimiters ({[« »]})
Auto-close AppleScript blocks
Auto-Generate tell blocks (by dragging applications from dictionary or using Paste Tell command)

  • List item

Generate tell blocks using application IDs
Auto-Generate variable references (by dragging from Variables tab)
Auto-Generate file references (by dragging from the Finder)
AppleScript block and delimiter balancing
AppleScript block highlighting (when mouse hovers in gutter)
Line number display
Line wrapping
Invisible and control character display
Table of contents menu
Text substitution (with clipping placeholder support)
Tell block builder
Shift/Indent lines
Entab and Detab
Dropped file handling (create tell block, past HFS/Posix/Finder file reference, contents)
Clippings menu and clippings inspector (with clipping placeholder support)
Dictionary inspector
Clipping placeholders

  • Dates, times, usernames, paired and unpaired names
  • Application picker
  • Library picker

Open and save all AppleScript file formats
Browse past document versions

  • View/Restore past versions
  • Execute past versions without restoring

Always-on code signing (requires Developer ID code signing certificates from Apple)
Code sign on export
Bundle editing

  • Bundle attributes (bundleID, copyright, version, build number)
  • Auto-increment build number on save
  • Minimum OS version
  • Application Transport Security control
  • Create background only applets
  • Droplet file filtering by Universal Type Identifiers
  • Droplet file filtering by filename extensions
  • Bundle contents (script libraries, resources, etc.)

Auto-Save and recovery
Recover damaged scripts
Export Run-Only

  • Convert bundled scripts to Run-Only
  • Embed used libraries
  • Code sign

Prevent dependant application launches when opening scripts
User created script templates

Display properties and global variables (when script finishes)
Drag & drop manipulation of variable values
Drag & drop manipulation of list, records and script objects
Event simulation (open, run, idle, quit, Folder Actions, Digital Hub)
Leaked resources detection (e.g. unclouded file references)

AppleScript recording

Dictionary Viewer
Running, recent, favourite and known applications list
Dictionary searching
Cross dictionary searching
Launch and quit applications
Explorer outlining of objects

  • AppleScript lists and records
  • “Best” date display
  • “Best” file display with QuickLook
  • “Best” HTML string display
  • “Best” image display

Event Logging
Always-on event logging
Filter by target application
Event logging window (separate from script window)

Respond to applescript:// URLs
Act as default editor For .scpt, .scprd and .applescript files
Scripting Interface
Free maintenance updates

SD7 lite (2.0 KB)

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