SD7 lite crashed pasting text in help menu


This one I’m not sure about posting. The problem came from pasting into the help menu search when I pasted a lot of text. It did not generate a SD crash report but the Apple crash report did say “Responsible: Script Debugger [7306]” so I am sending it in and letting you decide. But I suspect the help running with SD crashed and that’s why is says SD is responsible.

I took the text inside the file “Put on clipboard.txt” and pasted it into the help search and then pressed return. SD crashed. I included the console output for a few minutes before the crash but nothing came to the console for Script Debugger after a minute before the crash.

I uploaded a zipped folder called "Crash report"which contains 3 files:

  • AppleCrash.txt
  • console output.txt
  • Put on clipboard.txt

Crash report (59.5 KB)

Looking at the crash report you provided, I don’t think this particular crash is caused by Script Debugger. At least, not directly. The actual crash is happening within Apple’s regular expression code, which pulled Script Debugger down.