SD6 Video Using System Events

@alldritt and @ShaneStanley:

Are you guys aware of this video:
SD6 v1: easiest way to GUI script

Quickly illustrates another great use of SD6.

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Wow ! That’s a cool trick :slight_smile:

That, and others, are in the tutorial videos on this very site… :blush:

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Phil, perhaps the same workflow as the video I referenced is there, but I couldn’t find it. Perhaps it is embedded in a video with a title that didn’t indicate it would be.

I for one, like short, to the point, training videos that I can quickly view, and later view again if needed.

@alldritt, have you noticed that when you view your videos in full screen, they don’t actually occupy the full screen with the content, but have a large black border? So, it is still hard to read the content. I have not observed this behavior in any other videos that I have viewed.

Here’s a scaled-down screenshot of what I see on a 27-in monitor: