SD5.0.11-706 crash on launch using macOS Sierra Beta 2 (16A239j)

Hi… are there any plans to address SD5’s crash on launch using macOS Sierra?


This is a bug you need to file with Apple. They have removed certain APIs from macOS Sierra which causes Script Debugger 5 to crash at launch. These APIs are required for some of Script Debugger 5’s functionality (its ability to detect the CPU architecture of scripting additions).

Hi Mark, thanks for responding. I did file a bug with Apple first; they said SD5 are using old SPI and needs to update to modern API. How does SD6 handle this?

I just bought SD5 in March for full price. Script Debugger 6 looks nifty, and 5 is awesome, don’t get me wrong. Just paying $250 for $100 software kind of rubs me the wrong way.

Of course. I will take a look back at Script Debugger 5 and see if I can resolve the problem. If a solution for Script Debugger 5 is not possible, I will find an equitable way for you to obtain Script Debugger 6.

Script Debugger 6 does not suffer from this problem because the Script Debugger 5 feature that tests for the presence and use of 32-bit scripting additions on 64-bit Macintoshes was removed. This was done because Script Debugger 6.0 requires 10.11 or later which can only run on 64-bit Macintoshes.

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Thanks, Mark. I appreciate your attention to this. FWIW, I think the new API is to check _kCFURLArchitecturesValidOnCurrentSystemKey.

??? I’m still using 6.0 on 10.10.4 and 10.10.5

Right, and 10.10 is 64-bit only as well.

Hi Mark, I’m still unable to use SD5 on macOS 10.12, and I’m hurting without it. Has there been any headway made into resolving the crash-on-launch? Today, I’ve resorted to installing the SD6 trial, but that is limited to 20 days.

Thanks for any attention you can lend to this issue.

I’m having the same issue as wherefore. I bought version 5 in March/April as well, and it is now crashing on launch of os Sierra. I hope this can be fixed.

I have produced a Script Debugger 5 update that addresses this crashing problem. You can download Script Debugger 5.0.12 from our Archives page.

UPDATE: Script Debugger 5.0.12 Release Announcement


Great! Thanks for supporting v5 users.

Thanks Mark! I really appreciate you addressing this bug. Cheers!