SD Text moves on compile

This is a minor annoyance and I think it’s a recursion, because I think it happened before and was fixed.

I’ve noticed that when I compile a script the text in the window jumps. Sometimes is just a line or two, but sometimes, possibly depending on how much new text is on the screen, so much that I have to scroll back to find where I was before compiling.

I had SD7 open today so I tried something.

In a compiled script I’d enter a space between a couple words, or at the end of a line, then compile. The text didn’t move.

Tried the same thing in SD 8 and it jumped a line or two.

That wouldn’t bother me that much, but it’s the times where after the compile I have to scroll pack a full screen my laptop to find where i had left off editing. It was nice to see the text stay rock solid in SD7.