SD Pauses for no reason

I’m running a script that extracts a list of names, and email addresses from excel, then parses them into a list of valid email addresses. It’s very simple, and based on other scripts I’ve done before.

There’s about 2,000 names, and 1500 valid emails.

After running it a few times I’ve noticed that SD does a strange 6 second pause, every six seconds.

I’m watching the timer in the window, and like clockwork (literally) the script runs, the timer stops. I can count to six and it starts again. Then exactly 6 seconds later it pauses for another 6 seconds.

–>Script Debugger 8.0 (8A23) on OSX 10.15.7

Please collect a Sample Report while Script Debugger has paused. This may help us determine what’s happen when Script Debugger pauses.