SD Notary – purpose of "Disable library validation" option?

Please forgive the numpty question, but, have been using SDN for some time now yet have just realised I’m using a feature I don’t fully understand. It’s the “Disable library validation” setting in the “Advanced” tab.

Because my applet uses copies of Myriad Tables Lib and DTP stored outside the bundle, I have ticked the “Disable library validation” box. But, I have tested SDN with that setting on and off and it seems to make no difference to running my applet. Is library validation relevant to AS applets which use external script libraries signed by other people ?


Have you tested it with notarized versions?

Thanks, yes. Have tested a copy exported run-only from SD then signed and notarized in SDN with “Disable Library Validation” off and on. There was no discernible difference – everything worked normally in both tests. Have tested on macOS 13.6.3 and 14.2.1.

Nonetheless, I’ll leave it on in case a strange use-case arises.